I love this little guy! I have one for myself, then decided to grab a few as “pre” opening gift time presents for my niece & nephew. They worked great! They are easy for kids to use, a lot of fun and the best part is that as the toy repeats what you say, they wiggle their heads. Cute as hell, very entertaining, really cute “voices” and (maybe the best part for parents..) they have an off switch on the bottom!


Amazing gift that I have ever bought! Even though I initially bought it for my dog, now my entire family plays with it. This toy literally records about 15s of your speech and replays it in its own cute voice. As for the battery life, it last quite longer than I expected.


Bought this for my 3yo son who is in love with it! Definitely ordering more as Xmas gifts!


This duck is hilarious and a must-have especially for young children. I bought this as a gift for my friends grandkids. But of course, I had to play with it first. Everyone got so tickled and started to laugh. Then the little guy repeated the laugh back. Which in turn made everyone laugh that much harder and longer. It was a never ending cycle. Even my dog got into the action by barking and growling which was repeated from the duck. Wonderfully entertaining and the low price is well worth it.


I got Louie (our name for him) for a niece and she couldn't stop laughing, so does my family. It really does repeat everything you say in this cute little voice. Louie is now her new best friend.


Talking duck is so cute! I bought this for my son. My whole family laugh so hard. It came with AAA batteries, just charge it and its good to go. It repeats what it hears, it moves too. Words cannot express my happiness when i saw my son got entertained. I'm more than satisfied with this purchase. Price is reasonable. Great purchase!


This is "must have toy" if you have a child 4 years or older.
It was a BD party yesterday at our house and this duck was a BD gift. What a blast! We all were laughing non stop as kids were playing with it and talking to it. It was non stop till late evening and all guests went home.